At the Hector Research Institute of Education Scienes and Psychology, about 40 scientists work with sophisticated methods on fundamental socially relevant questions of educational processes such as, for example:

How well does the education system promote the talents and competences of students, especially in mathematics and natural sciences? How can differences in teaching quality be validly recorded? To what extent are the motivation and personality of young people influenced by school and university? And how, for example, can motivation be increased?

To this end, we systematically use the knowledge from psychology, educational science and related disciplines. In the analyses we use the best methods of the discipline and, if necessary, develop them ourselves in order to be able to make reliable statements about teaching and learning processes and their consequences.

The Hector Research Institute of Education Scienes and Psychology was founded in September 2014 as an independent research institute within the University of Tübingen. A generous donation from the  Hector Foundation II is the essential basis for the scientific work of the institute. In addition, the state of Baden-Württemberg provides funds for an international postdoctroal academy that is integrated into the institute. These special grants provide a broad and continuous basis for empirical educational research in Tübingen.