Institute of Political Science

Research Cluster Staff

This is an overview of all staff members working at the research cluster. Please add the phone extension of each colleague to the University's phone number. You can reach every staff member via the same Telefax number:

Telephone: +49 7071 29-…

Telefax: +49 7071 29-2417

Please use the following email address if you have general questions or comments: ipol[at]


The adress of the research cluster is:

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
Institut für Politikwissenschaft
Arbeitsbereich Internationale Beziehungen/Friedens- und Konfliktforschung
Melanchthonstraße 36
72074 Tübingen

Name Position Room Extension Email
Abels, Joscha Research Associate 123 75908 joscha.abels[at]
Augenstein, Lea Research Associate 108 76140


Auel, Frederic Student Assistant 120   frederic.auel[at]
Berg, Maike  Student Assistant  105 78374 maike.berg[at] 
Diez, Thomas Professor 106 78389 thomas.diez[at]
Diversi, Joshua Student Assistant  103*   joshua.diversi[at] 
Gruber, Barbara Teach@Tübingen Fellow      barbara.gruber[at] 
Gunes, Cengiz  Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoc Fellow 108*   cengiz.gunes[at]
Gödde, Theresa Student Assistant  103*   theresa.goedde[at] 
Hasenclever, Andreas Professor 122 78377 andreas.hasenclever[at]
Hauschulz, Juliane Student Assistant 105 78374


Hägele, Monika Student Assistant  105 78374 monika.haegele[at] 
Ischinger, Wolfgang Honorary Professor      
Jordheim, Helena Student Assistant 105 78374 helena.jordheim[at] 
Kaul, Meha  Student Assistant  105 78374 meha.kaul[at] 
Kiefer, Maximilian Research Associate 103* 73175


von Lucke, Franz Research Associate 104 78366


Mayer, Leonie Student Assistant 105 78374


Messerschmidt, Maike Research Associate 103* 73175 maike.messerschmidt[at]
Nickisch, Petra Secretary 110 78373 ipol[at]
Pawlowski, Natalie Research Associate 109 75442 natalie.pawlowski[at]
Quest, Hendrik Research Associate 104* 73175[at]
Reil, Anja Student Assistant 105 78374 anja.reil[at]
Richmond, Oliver Distinguished Visiting Professor      
Schlag, Gabi Senior Lecturer 107 78338 gabi.schlag[at]
Tocci, Nathalie Honorary Professor      

* These room numbers indicate offices of the research projects located in Hölderlinstraße 29; 72074 Tübingen.