Japanese Studies


Main fields of reserach:

- Intellectual and religious history of Japan: Shintô in past and present
- Reception of religion(s) in the political ideologies of Japan (kokutai)
- "Invented Traditions" and "Traditionalism"
- Sacred Texts of Japan (esp. Kojiki)
- Comparative studies of myth, esp. Izumo mythology
- Japanese folklore studies/ narratology (fairy tales, legends, setsuwa)
- Cultural theory of Japan (esp. on cultural stereotypes)
- Japan's relationship with Asia, with a regional focus on Ryûkyû (Okinawa)
- Intercultural communication

Complete list of publications

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- Academia.edu: https://uni-tuebingen.academia.edu/KlausAntoni
- ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Klaus_Antoni