Juristische Fakultät

Finished Projects

PRIMSA - Prevention and intervention of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation

VERSS - Aspects of a fair distribution of urban safety and security”. In cooperation with the International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW)

FIDUCIA - New European Crimes and Trust-based Policy
Publications in FIDUCIA:
"Publication of the I year findings" Volume 1
"Research Project for new european crimes and trust-based policy" Volume 2

BaSiD - Barometer Sicherheit in Deutschland. Sicherheiten, Wahrnehmungen, Lagebilder, Bedingungen und Erwartungen – Ein Monitoring zum Thema Sicherheit in Deutschland

Intensive Bewährungshilfe und jugendliche Intensivtäter - An evaluation of the model project "Rubikon"

Der elektronisch überwachte Hausarrest - A comparative law research and a empirical study in Sweden and Germany