Center for Plant Molecular Biology

Gabriella Mosca lab

Biomechanical Modeling of Morphogenesis (BM2)


Dr. Gabriella Mosca

Junior Group Leader 
ZMBP, Allgemeine Genetik

6th floor, room 6N22
Universität Tübingen

Auf der Morgenstelle 32

D-72076 Tübingen



Tel  +49-(0)7071 / 29 7 6149

Email  gabriella.moscaspam


The Biomechanical Modeling of Morphogenesis (BM2) Lab is  interested in understanding morphogenesis, biomechanics and their interaction in living systems, mostly plants
We use and develop computational tools (in particular MorphoMechanX) which enable us to test in-silico explanatory and predictive scenarios connected to morphogenesis and bio-mechanics.

For more details on what we do and our current projects, go to Research Interests