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Saile S, Jacob P, Castel B, Jubic LM, Salas-Gonzalez I, Bäcker M, Jones JDG, Dangl JL, El Kasmi F. 2020

Two unequally redundant ‘helper’ immune receptor families mediate Arabidopsis intracellular ‘sensor’…

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Wei X, Molina D, Wunderling, A Ripper, D and Vermeer J and Ragni L. (2020)

Pluripotent Pericycle Cells Trigger Different Growth Outputs by Integrating Developmental Cues into…

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Gautier Langin, Paul Gouguet, Suayib Üstün (2020)

Microbial Effector Proteins – A Journey through the Proteolytic Landscape, Trends in Microbiology

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Xiaoli Ma, Tom Denyer, Marja C. Timmermans (2020)

PscB: A Browser to Explore Plant Single Cell RNA-Sequencing Datasets Plant Physiology Preview

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Ursula Fürst, Yi Zeng, Markus Albert, Anna Kristina Witte, Judith Fliegmann, Georg Felix (2020)

Perception of Agrobacterium tumefaciens flagellin by FLS2XL confers resistance to crown gall…

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Mohrholz A, Hequan S, Glöckner N, Hummel S, Kolukisaoglu Ü, Schneeberger K, Harter K (2019)

The striking flower-in-flower phenotype of Arabidopsis thaliana Nossen (No-0) is caused by a novel…

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Hertlein V, Flores-Romero H, Das KK, Fischer S, Heunemann M, Calleja-Felipe M, Knafo S, Hipp K, Harter K, Fitzgerald J, García-Sáez AJ (2019)

Novel BRET-based proximity biosensor for the study mitochondria-ER contact sites. Life Science…

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Mira-Rodado V (2019)

New insights into multistep-phosphorelay (MSP)/two-component system (TCS) regulation: Are plants and…

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