Institute of English Languages and Literatures

Dan Poston, PhD

Research Fellow

Here in the English Department, I teach courses in theatre history and literary and cultural studies.  I earned a PhD in Theatre and Performance from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY) in 2018.  My dissertation concerned the eighteenth-century playwright, poet, journalist, and statesman, Joseph Addison, and the general nexus of official state politics, theatre, and literature in the formation of the modern nation-state.  That project developed out of a wider research interest in the intersection between transnational theatre and politics globally and between Europe and the Americas from the early modern period until today.  My general approach to scholarship and thinking is anthropological and historical, focused on performance as a manifestation of philosophy, social thought, and the history of ideas.

I also have worked and trained as a performer and writer.  In the last years, I have collaborated with the artist Ei Arakawa and several composers for a series of musical projects.  Aside from an interest in contemporary experimental and art-context theatre, some of my other active research interests are long eighteenth-century theatre and literature, global theatre history, Native American theatre, the history of acting, and cultures of devised community theatre.

As the ERASMUS+ coordinator for the Tübingen International Literatures (IL) program, I am very happy to meet with students interested in studying abroad or coming from abroad to study here.