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Edited anthologies in English

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  1. Tremmel, Joerg C. (Ed.) (2010): A Young Generation Under Pressure? Financial situation and ‘rush hour of life’ of the cohorts 1970-1985 in a generational comparison. Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer Verlag. - Flyer of the Book. - Full text download.
  2. Sylvain, Dan / Tremmel, Joerg (Eds.) (2010): Générations équitables. Paris: Connaissances et Savoirs.
  3. Tremmel, Joerg C. (Ed.) (2008): Demographic Change and Intergenerational Justice. The Implementation of Long-term Thinking in Political Decision-Making. Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer Verlag. Abstract
  4. Tremmel, Joerg Chet (Ed.) (2006): Handbook of Intergenerational Justice. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing. Abstract Full text download
  5. Tremmel, Joerg Chet / Ulshöfer, Gotlind (Eds.) (2005): Unternehmensleitbild Generationengerechtigkeit – Theorie und Praxis. Frankfurt am Main (IKO Verlag). (engl. translation: Intergenerational Equity as a Business Principle – Theory and Practice).