Philologisches Seminar


From April 13th to April 15th, the conference "The Wrong Direction" will take place! Find more information here.



Julia Heideklang "'Aufgehängt in einem Winkel der Welt': Campanellas Selbstübersetzung und das Phänomen lateinischer Übersetzungen in der Frühen Neuzeit", 5.15 - 6.45 p.m., in the lecture series of the Lukian-Kolloquium at the Intstitut for for Classical Philology and Comparative Literature, Universität Leipzig, virtual participation is possible.


Julia Heideklang "Strategien, Funktionen und Transformation des Endes in Sebastian Brants Narrenschiff (1494) durch die Übersetzung ins Lateinische und andere Sprachen", at the conference "Brüchige Finalität. Erzähl- und kulturhistorische Perspektiven auf das Ende in vormoderner Kleinepik" (find the progam here) taking place from March 29 to 31 in Göttingen.

Events, Workshops, and Guest lectures

Conference "The Wrong Direction" (April 13th to April 15th, 2023)

Based on our research in the context of the DFG project Versio latina, we aim to change our perspective decidedly and to focus particularly on early modern Latin translations, looking, as Peter Burke once articulated ‚into the wrong direction‘ (Burke 2007). What are their functions? Who translated and for what kind of readership; which expectations were placed on these translations by translators, editors, and printer-publishers? Were they successful, reprinted, or overruled by rival products, or was their efficiency augmented by being intermediary versions for translations into other languages?

For more information on the conference and its program, visit the conference website.

New Publications

Soon to Be Published:

Heideklang, J./ M. Toteff/ A. Wolkenhauer (2023): Versio latina and the catalogus versionum latinarum (CVlat), in: H. Brown / R. Toepfer / J. Wesche (Eds): Early Modern Translation and the Digital Humanities, Heidelberg (Übersetzungskulturen der Frühen Neuzeit/Early Modern Translation Cultures) (accepted for print; will be published open access).