Philologisches Seminar


Guest lectures

In context of this year's lecture on "Translation/tranlsatio - Theories, Practices, Actors of Translations into Latin from Cicero and Horace to the Early Modern Period" three guest lectures will investigate and contextualize early modern translations into Latin with regard to three different case studies.

All guest lectures will be held at the Philological Institute in Tübingen:

14.06.2022: Julia Heideklang (Tübingen) Adpensa Mundi tinniens in angulo: Campanellas La Città del Sole und Civitas Solis

12.07.2022: Dr. Enrica Fantino (Leipzig) Der lateinische Lukian: „Lucianus in kriechischersprach beschrieben […] auß Latein in Deützsch sprach transfferiert“

26.07.2022: Prof. Dr. Joachim Hamm (Würzburg) Transformation und Autorschaft. Jakob Lochers lateinische Bearbeitung des Narrenschiffs (1497) und das Würzburger Editionsprojekt Narragonia Latina



Events, Workshops and Calls

CfP: Workshop "The Wrong Direction" (April 13-14, .2023)

Deadline: June 30, 2022

Based on our research in context of the DFG project Versio latina , we aim to decidedly change our perspective and to focus particularly on early modern Latin translations, looking, as Peter Burke once articulated ‚into the wrong direction‘ (Burke 2007). What are their functions? Who translated and for what kind of readership; which expectations were placed on these translations by translators, editors, and printer-publishers? Were they successful, reprinted, overruled by rival products, or was their efficiency augmented by being intermediary versions for translations into other languages?

Abstracts can be submitted in German or English. Further information are included in the CfP.

New Publications

Soon to Be Published:

Anja Wolkenhauer, Wer schreibt (und liest) heute schon Latein? Überlegungen zur lateinischen Literatur des (19. und) 20. Jahrhunderts, in: Wolfgang Polleichtner (Hrsg.), Ergebnisse der Tagung „Zur Faszination des Lateinischen aus Anlass von Josef Eberles 120. Geburtstag“, Speyer (forthcoming, presumably 2022).