Department of Mathematics

Current information in relation with the Corona crisis

In connection with the containment of the corona spread, the university has taken various measures in accordance with the requirements of the state government. These are subject to regular adjustments. We endeavor to publish the current measures that relate to the area of ​​study and teaching.

  • Courses:
    • The courses of the winter semester 2020/21 will take place partly as face-to-face events, partly in online formats and partly as a mix of both. In the Alma course catalog, it is specified for each lecture whether and how it is offered. There is also a link to the website for the event.

    • With the help of the student council, the department initiated a special mentoring program for first-year students in the bachelor’s courses by students of higher semesters (from the fourth semester). For questions or if you want to help, you can contact Sophia Jahns.

    • The lecture period for the winter semester 2020/21 only starts on November 2, 2020 and lasts until February 26, 2021.

  • Exams:
    • The university has issued guidelines for the implementation of written and oral exams, which are regularly adapted to the changed situation. The university has now issued guidelines for the execution of exams and oral exams. More on these can be found on the website of the university on the corona crisis.

    • Rules for the course degree work in Analysis 1 + 2 and Linear Algebra 1 + 2:

      • The pending post-tests for the courses of the winter semester 2019/20 were offered. Students who took part in the exercise classes for one of these courses in the winter semester and were admitted to the test, but who have not yet passed, we recommend taking part in the exercise classes again in the summer semester. To acquire admission to the test for the course of the summer semester, however, participation is sufficient from the announcement of the result of the (hopefully prompt) follow-up tests of the winter semester.

      • The tests in the courses on Analysis 1 + 2 and Linear Algebra 1 + 2 are not carried out in the attendance format in the summer semester. They either take place in online format or are replaced by other tasks. The respective lecturer provides information about this.

    • If the postponement of exams for individual students leads to a deadline for the completion of an examination, the student is not responsible for this and the deadline is extended. If there are other special hardships (e.g. due to a change of university, stays abroad, etc.), the students concerned should contact the examiner or the chair of the examination board. We are trying to find a solution.

    • In order to be able to take exams in the summer semester 2020, enrollment in the summer semester is mandatory. Please do not miss the registration for the summer semester.

  • Fees:
    • If, due to the postponement of exams, enrollment is required in the summer semester 2020, which would otherwise not have been necessary, the usual enrollment and tuition fees must be paid for the enrollment.

    • If the enrollment does not have to be too long, a refund of part of the fees is possible under certain circumstances. The Student Administration can provide further information.

Further information can be found on the  web pages of the university concerning the corona crisis.

Courses & Programmes

The department offers purely scientific study programs as well as study programs leading to an educational degree. All study programs lead to Bachelor and Master degrees. In our study programs students get a solid foundation in the basic areas of mathematics and have the opportunity to choose from the wide range of specialisations offered at our department in teaching as well as in science:

Start of studies in the summer semester

Since the summer semester 2017, it is possible to start our study programmes Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education in the summer semester. We offer all compulsory courses (Analysis 1, Linear Algebra 1) of the first semester in the summer semester and all compulsory courses (Analysis 2, Linear Algebra 2) of the second semester in the winter semester. From the third semester onwards, the courses are modularised in such a way that it is irrelevant whether the course was started in the winter or summer semester. When you start your studies in the summer semester, you can be sure that the studies can be carried out without delay. If you have any questions about starting your studies in the summer semester, please contact the Dean of Study Affairs or the Counceling office of the department of mathematics.