Information meetings and registrations

Information on the informative meetings of the department for study prgrammes and for courses can be found in the lecture catalogue (Campus) as individual subitem "Informationsveranstaltungen":

In general, the registration for courses in mathematics works via the online registration tool URM:

Information concerning and registration for upcoming seminars

An information meeting will take place on Friday, January 17th, 1pm, N03, in which some seminars planned for summer 2020 will be presented.

Proseminar "Matrix Theory" (Prof.Dr. Victor Batyrev)

  • Time im SoSe 20: Mi, 2-4 pm, N14
  • Information Meeting: Fr, 30.01., 2pm, S11
  • Registration: during the information meeting

Proseminar "Fix point theorems" (Prof.Dr. Carla Cederbaum)

  • Time: 23/3-27/3/2020
  • Information meeting: Tu, 28/01/2020, 1pm, S09
  • Registration: URM

A fixed point theorem is a theorem that, under certain conditions, guarantees the existence of a fixed point of a map from a space to itself. In the first part of the seminar we will deal with the Banach fixed-point theorem. As its most important application, we will get to know Picard-Lindelöf's theorem, which makes a statement about the existence of solutions to ordinary differential equations. The second part of the proseminar deals with Brouwer's fixed-point theorem, for which we will learn two different proofs. The lectures are supplemented by a practical exercise.

Proseminar "Curves and surfaces" (Prof.Dr. Gerhard Huisken)

  • Time: Tu, 10-12am, N15
  • Information meeting: Fr, 07/02/2020, 2pm, S09
  • Registration: URM

Proseminar "Markov chains" (Prof.Dr. Möhle)

  • Time: Tu, 2-4 pm, S06
  • Information meeting: Th, 06/02/2020, 11:30 am, C9A03
  • Registration: URM

See here.

Seminar "Operator algebras" (Prof.Dr. Ulrich Groh)

  • Time: Tu, 2-4 pm, S10
  • Information meeting: contact the lecturer via e-mail
  • Registration: contact the lecturer via e-mail

Seminar "Geometry" (Ivo Radloff)

  • Time: Mo, 4-6 pm, N16
  • Information meeting: Th, 23/01/202, 12:15, C4H33
  • Registration: in advance via e-mail or during the information meeting

The seminar deals with selected topics in geometry, such as Seccheri uniformisation, Hilbert's theory of the ends and uniqueness of hyperbolic model spaces, hyperboloid model and Lorentz geometry, finite projective geometries and Bruck-Ryser theorem or similar. The lecture Geometry should have been taken.

Seminar "Reduktive groups" (Prof.Dr. Jürgen Hausen)

  • Time: Tu, 2-4 pm, S09
  • Information meeting: 28/01/2020, 2 pm, S09
  • Registration: during the information meeting

Seminar "Foundations of Quantum Mechanics" (Prof.Dr. Tumulka)

  • Time: Mo, 2-4 pm, C4H33
  • Information meeting: Fr, 7/2/2020, 2:15, C4H33.
  • Registration: during the information meeting


Seminar "Probability Theory" (Prof.Dr. Martin Zerner, Dr. Elmar Teufl)

  • Time: Tu, 4-6 pm, S07
  • Registration: during the information meeting for all seminars on Fr, 17/1/2020, or via e-mail until Friday, 24/1/2020, 12:00

Content: Selected chapters of the book »Probability on Trees and Networks« by Russell Lyons and Yuval Peres.

Seminar "Groups and Representations" (Stefan Keppeler)

  • Time: We, 2-4 pm
  • Information meeting: We, 29/01/2020, 4 pm, C4H33
  • Registration: URM

We will cover selected topics on groups and their representations. Starting point will be the course "Groups and Representations" (WS 19/20), but it may be possible to accommodate (a few) students who did not attend this course - provided they are willing to catch up on selected background material. Topics will be given to small groups of two to four students who will work on them together and prepare two to four seminar sessions. Possible topics include (and will be adjusted according to students' preferences): Peter-Weyl Theorem, Birdtracks, Hermitian Young-Operators, Littlewood-Richardson Rule, Hook Rule.