Department of Mathematics

Studying abroad

Studying abroad widens the personal horizon, offers insight in the scientific education in other countries and increases the inter cultural competence. The department of mathematics endorses the effort of its students to visit a foreign university during their study and supports its students in searching a suitable partner university and planing the stay.

If planed early in consultation with the department's organs responsible for the advisory of studying abroad, usually the credits earned abroad can be transferred to the study programme in Tübingen, so that the total study time is not increased by the stay. Before going abroad a Learning Agreement is made, that is altered during the stay if necessary, and that guarantees the student the credit transfer to Tübingen.

Please note, that staying abroad without increasing the duration of study is usually much easier to accomplish in the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science study programmes than in the teacher education study programmes because in the latter there are three subjects to be studied and there is less freedom regarding the content.

Erasmus Programme

For staying abroad at an European university the Erasmus programme of the European Union is particularly suitable. In the framework of this programme there the department of mathematics has cooperations with more than 25 universities in Europe. For information about the contacts and the programmes as well as a first advisory the counselling offiche of the department of mathematics is at your disposal and for further advise also the Erasmus comissioner of the department. More information about the Erasmus programme can be found on the web site of the university about the Erasmus programme.

Double degree programme with the University of Trento

The University of Tübingen has established a study programme with the Università degli Studi di Trento, that offers the possibility to get a double degree Master of Science Mathematics at both universities. Students from Tübingen, who wish to participate in the programme, have to have the admission qualification for the Master of Science Mathematik. During the first year they take the regular courses of the study programme Master of Science in Tübingen. In the second year they then study at the partner university in Trento and acquire the necessary credits in the study programme there. After successful completion of the programme the students get the degree Master of Science Mathematik of the University of Tübingen and the degree Laurea Magistrale in Matematica of the partner university in Trento. For students from Tübingen there are besides the usual accounting fees no actual tuition fees at the partner university in Trento. For further advice on the programme contact the Erasmus comissioner of the departement, Prof. Dr. Carla Cederbaum.


For questions concerning studying abroad you may contact the following: