Department of Computer Science


In this downloads section you can find all the relevant forms, documents and information for your studies program. Please note that most of the official documents are in German only. Where forms or documents are available in English for your convenience, the German version is the sole legally binding one!

General Information and Forms
This is where you can take a look for information and forms not covered in one of the more specific categories below

Examination Regulations

Examination Regulations (Pruefungsordnungen) provide the framework and modalities of exams, as well as for the whole studies program. It is legally binding (German version only!).

Module Handbooks and Module Lists

The Module Handbook for your studies program lists all modules eligible to you in order to accrue ECTS credits. It also gives information on teachers, exam types and subject matter of each module.

Studies Plans

Studies plans show you how to organize your studies according to the current examination regulations. They are not binding in the form presented here, but provide recommendations on which modules to take when, and how to accrue enough credits of the right types to complete your studies program.


The archive provides outdated versions of the above forms, documents and information for reference.