Department of Computer Science

Module Handbooks and Module Lists

This is where you can find module handbooks and module lists for your studies program.

 Please note: the studies programs in Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Media Informatics, Medical Informatics and all Master's programs is compiled in a consolidated common module handbook.

Interdisciplinary Competences (Überfachliche Kompetenzen, übK/SQ)

  • We accept all modules completed at the University of Tübingen, except in Sports, so long as they are graded and have a credit value.
  • Students in the Computer Science Bachelor program must complete a Proseminar in Computer Science as übK/SQ.
  • Students in the Computer Science Master's program following the 2010 edition of the examination regulations must complete a Seminar in Computer Science as SQ.

Infoblatt-SQ-übK-StandJuli2018 (PDF)