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Bachelor and Master projects are available!

The High-Energy Astrophysics group is involved in the exploration of the high-energy universe, from X-rays to very high-energy Gamma Rays (in the TeV regime) up to ultra-high-energy cosmic rays (1020 eV).

The main research fields of the HEA group are the observation of high-energy sources, data analysis, and interpretation of the underlying physical processes as well as the development of instruments for the observation of high-energy sources.

We are member of international space missions (XMM-Newton, INTEGRAL, eROSITA, Athena, EUSO, XIPE, eXTP) and ground based projects (HESS, CTA).

In addition to Bachelor and Master projects, we offer student assistant jobs which can contribute to ongoing research projects.

New Master in astro and particle physics [more]

Projects: Data analysis

Projects in the field of data analysis encompass the following topics:

Projects: Detector development and simulations

In the field of detector development and simulation, the following topics are addressed:

Contact Information

Students interested in this program are asked to contact the following project managers:


Prof. Andrea Santangelo (Tel. 29-76128)

Development of X-ray and UHE-detectors, Simulations

Dr. Christoph Tenzer (Tel. 29-75473)

TeV- and X-ray observations of gamma-ray sources, TeV-detectors development

Dr. Gerd Pühlhofer (Tel. 29-74982)

X-ray binaries, population studies, data analysis

Dr. Victor Doroshenko (Tel. 29-78608)

Dr. Lorenzo Ducci (Tel. 29-75279)