Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics

PhD, diploma, master and bachelor theses



Kuiper, Rolf: High-Mass Stellar Feedback.



Jordan, Lucas: Eccentric Disks in close Binary Stars.

Moldenhauer, Tobias: The Formation of Planetary Proto-Atmospheres.

Oliva Mercado, Andree: Modeling accretion disks around massive protostars.

Penzlin, Anna: Dynamics of circumbinary disks.

Rometsch, Thomas: Transition Disks and Planetary Systems.

Ziampras, Alexandros: Planets in turbulent disks.


Bachelor, Master Theses

Muñoz Giraldo, Daniela: Recomputation of selected planet formation collisions in high resolution and analysis of their fragmentation behavior (M).

Paul, Marius: Improvements of the SPH algorithm for simulations with high density contrast (M).

Riestenpatt gen. Richter, David: tbd (M).

Staneker, Michael: Techniques for SPH on distributed GPUs (M).

Wehner, Dennis: Disks in Binary stars (M).



Bachelor-, Masterarbeiten

Adelberg, Stefan (2021). 1-zu-1-Resonanz in zirkumbinären Systemen. Bachelor Thesis, Tübingen University.

Gavran, Divin (2021). Torque Distribution of stationary Planets. Bachelor Thesis, Tübingen University.

Löffler, Stephan (2021). Comparison of the standard SPH method to the CRKSPH method. Master Thesis, Tübingen University.

Rutz, Maximilian (2021). Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Simulations for Asteroid Deflection. Master Thesis, Tübingen University.

Sarafidou, Eleftheria (2021). Saturation of the Magnetorotational Instability by Ambipolar Diffusion. Master Thesis, Tübingen University.




Wandel, Oliver (2020). High and low velocity collisions between porous small bodies in our Solar System. Doctorate, Tübingen University.


Bachelor, Master Theses

Morlock, Marius (2020). Photoevaporation of Planetary Atmospheres. Master Thesis, Tübingen University.

Riestenpatt gen. Richter, David (2020). Determination of Impact Crater Sizes. Bachelor Thesis, Tübingen University.

Saeed Shaikh, Hina (2020). Fourier Decomposition of Circumbinary Potential. Master Thesis (in cooperation with the Mathematics Department), Tübingen University.

Staneker, Michael (2020). Heating in planetesimal collisions. Bachelor Thesis, Tübingen University.

Vavilina, Evita (2020). Numerical Simulations of Circumbinary Disks with Improved Accuracy. Master Thesis, Tübingen University.




Thun, Daniel (2019). The Dynamics of Circumbinary Disks and Embedded Planets. Doctorate, Tübingen University.


Bachelor, Master Theses

Nies, Richard (2019). Disc and outflows in massive star formation - A radiation-magnetohydrodynamic study. Bachelor Thesis, Tübingen University.

Ziampras, Alexandros (2019). Planets and spirals in radiative disks. Master Thesis, Tübingen University.




Kölligan, Anders (2018). From Accretion to Outflows of Massive Protostars. Doctorate, Tübingen University.


Bachelor, Diploma, Master Theses

Cimerman, Nicolas (2018). The formation of resonant chains through disk-driven migration - The case of GJ 876. Master Thesis, Tübingen University.

Fabi, Kai (2018). Visualising what a deep neural network has learned. Master Thesis, in Collaboration with Prof. Zell, Informatics, Tübingen University.

Jordan, Lucas (2018). Numerical Simulation of Particle Agglomerates. Master Thesis, Tübingen University.

Moldenhauer, Tobias (2018). Treating Self-Gravity in Two-dimensional Simulations of Protoplanetary Disks. Master Thesis, Tübingen University.

Rometsch, Thomas: Inclination damping of embedded planets: effective model and hydrodynamical simulations. Master Thesis, Tübingen University.




Dürmann, Christoph (2017). The Formation Process of Massive Planets. Doctorate, Tübingen University.

Hertfelder, Marius (2017). The boundary layer of accretion disks. Doctorate, Tübingen University.

Stoll, Moritz (2017). Dynamics of Dust and Planets in turbulent Accretion Disks. Doctorate, Tübingen University.


Bachelor, Diploma, Master Theses

Chaalali, Akram (2017). Hydrodynamische und gravitative Reibung akkretierender und nicht akkreditierender Körper. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.

Fabi, Kai (2017). Tree Algorithms for the N-body problem.
Bachelor Thesis, Tübingen University.

Rometsch, Thomas (2017). Inclination damping of embedded Planets. Bachelor Thesis, Tübingen University.

Schilling, Philip (2017). Hydrodynamische Simulation der Wechselwirkung zwischen Gas und Staub in turbulenten Akkretionsscheiben mit vertikalen Scherinstabilitäten. Master Thesis, Tübingen University.

Völkel, Oliver (2017). Moment Methods in Radiation-Hydrodynamics. Master Thesis, Tübingen University.


Bachelor, Diploma, Master Theses

Cimerman, Nicolas (2016). Hydro- and Thermodynamics of Embedded Planets’ First Atmospheres. Bachelor Thesis, Tübingen University.

Jordan, Lucas (2016). Numerische Untersuchungen zur photophoretischen Kraft auf sphärische Teilchen unter Verwendung von Graphikkarten. Bachelor Thesis, Tübingen University.

Moldenhauer, Tobias (2016). Simulating two-dimensional self-gravitating disks on GPUs. Bachelor Thesis, Tübingen University.

Scherrer, Samuel (2016). Simulation von Regolith mit Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics. Bachelor Thesis, Tübingen University.

Schmidt, Franziska (2016). Dynamical Friction on Supersonic Gravitating and Non-Gravitating Spheres in a Gaseous Medium. Master Thesis, Tübingen University.

Völkel, Oliver (2016). Dynamical Friction in the Common Envelope Evolution. Bachelor Thesis, Tübingen University.

Wandel, Oliver (2016). Simulation von porösen, astrophysikalischen Objekten mit Eigengravitation. Master Thesis, Tübingen University.

Werner, Janka (2016). Simulating Collisions with SPH. Master Thesis, Tübingen University.


Bachelor, Diploma, Master Theses

Anlauf, Benedikt (2015). Performance optimizations via parallelization on GPUs on the PLUTO code. Master Thesis, Tübingen University.

Schweinsberg, Nils (2015). Materialeigenschaften von Asteroiden. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.

Werner, Janka (2015). Simulation von Planetesimal-Kollisionen mit verschiedenen Wasserverteilungen. Bachelor Thesis, Tübingen University.



Müller, Tobias (2014). Planet formation in binary systems. Doctorate, Tübingen University.

Seizinger, Alexander (2014). Material Properties of Porous Particle Aggregates. Doctorate, Tübingen University.


Bachelor, Diploma, Master Theses

Hennerich, Jürgen (2014). Visualisierung von Rechnungen zu Kollisionen zwischen Asteroiden. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.

Müller, Markus (2014). Eigengravitation in der numerischen Hydrodynamik. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.

Rieker, Sven (2014). SPH auf Grafikkarten. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.

Schmidt, Franziska (2014). Simulation of Bouncing Mechanics on Asteroids with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics. Bachelor Thesis, Tübingen University.

Thiermann, Niels (2014). Ein Flug in der turbulenten atmosphärischen Grenzschicht - Strukturparameter aus realen, synthetischen und simulierten Messreihen der Temperatur (in cooperation with the group Environmental Physics at the Centre for Applied Earth Sciences at the University of Tübingen). Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.

Thun, Daniel (2014). Dynamische Entwicklung in der Common Envelope Phase. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.

Wehner, Daniel (2014). Gravitational Smoothing in zweidimensionalen Akkretionsscheiben. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.


Diploma Theses

Schaal, Kevin (2013). Numerical hydrodynamics on a moving Voronoi mesh. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.


Diploma Theses

Hertfelder, Marius (2012). Die Grenzschicht in Akkretionsscheiben. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.

Kolb, Stefan (2012). Dreidimensionaler Strahlungstransport in Zweitemperaturnäherung gekoppelt an den Code PLUTO. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.



Bitsch, Bertram (2011). Simulations of planetary migration in fully radiative and convective accretion discs. Doctorate, Tübingen University.

Flaig, Markus (2011). Magnetorotational Turbulence in Protoplanetary Discs. Doctorate, Tübingen University.

Geretshauser, Ralf (2011). Simulation of Pre-Planetesimal Collisions with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics. Doctorate, Tübingen University.


Diploma Theses

Buchegger, Philipp (2011). Dynamics of accretion disks in Cataclysmic Variables. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.

Carstens, Simeon (2011). Material properties of protoplanetary dust agglomerates. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.

Skoropad, Daniela (2011). Simulations on thermal transpiration. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.



Diploma Theses

Müller, Tobias (2010). Selbstgravitierende Akkretionsscheiben. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.

Ruoff, Patrick (2010). Chemistry in Protoplanetary Disks. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.

Seizinger, Alexander (2010). Simulation von Vielteilchensystemen auf Graphikkarten. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.



Diploma Theses

Bardubitzki, Sophie (2008). Untersuchung der Lattice-BGK-Methode für zweidimensionale inkompressible Strömungen. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.

Bitsch, Bertram (2008). Strahlungstransport in protoplanetaren Scheiben. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.

Nadler, Moritz (2008). Simulation des thermischen Transpirationseffekts in Lichtmühlen. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.

Schwamberger, Valentin (2008). Steganalysis using a Bayesian image model and support vector machines. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.



Kastaun, Wolfgang (2007). Developing a code for general relativistic hydrodynamics with application to neutron star oscillations. Doctorate, Tübingen University.


Diploma Theses

Chiogna, Gabriele (2007). High Order Derivative Methods in Relativistic Hydrodynamics. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.

Nonnenmacher, Achim (2007). Dynamical low-rank approximations: Application to reaction-diffusion equations. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.

Sobotta, Benjamin (2007). Sensitivity Analysis in complex Computer Models. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.



Dirksen, Gerben (2006). Planet-Disk interaction: Eccentricity excitation and orbital evolution. Doctorate, Tübingen University.


Diploma Theses

Fragner, Moritz (2006). Numerische Simulationen der Grenzschicht von Akkretionsscheiben. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.

Geretshauser, Ralf J. (2006). Modifying, Testing and Calibrating a Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics Code for Simulations of Planetesimal Growth. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.




Günther, Richard (2005). Three-dimensional Parallel Hydrodynamics and Astrophysical Applications. Doctorate, Tübingen University.

Schäfer, Christoph (2005). Application of Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics to Selected Aspects of Planet Formation. Doctorate, Tübingen University.




Strüzl, Wolfgang (2004). Sensorik und Bildverarbeitung für Landmarken-basierte Navigation. Doctorate, Tübingen University.




D'Angelo, Gennaro (2003). Entstehung von massereichen Planeten in Akkretionsscheiben. Doctorate, Tübingen University.



Diploma Thesis

Günther, Richard (2001). Dynamik und Entwicklung von zirkumbinären Scheiben. Diploma Thesis, Tübingen University.