Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics

Section High Energy Astrophysics, Prof. Andrea Santangelo

Bachelor and Master projects

The High-Energy Astrophysics group is involved in the exploration of the high-energy universe, from X-rays to very high-energy Gamma Rays (in the TeV regime) up to ultra-high-energy cosmic rays.

We are an international group of more than 50 members with 16 nationalities represented.

The main research fields of the HEA group are the observation of high-energy sources, data analysis, and interpretation of the underlying physical processes as well as the development of instruments for the observation of high-energy sources. We are member of international space missions (XMM-Newton, INTEGRAL, eROSITA, ATHENA, EUSO, XIPE, eXTP) and ground based projects (HESS, CTA).