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Working Group Prof. Klaus Werner - Section Astronomy

Our team works experimentally in the field of UV astronomy, as well as theoretically in the field of quantitative spectral analyses of stellar spectra (white dwarfs, neutron stars, etc.) and spectra of accretion disks around compact stellar remnants. For spectral analyses we are utilizing ground- and space-based observatories in a wide wavelength range, from the infrared to the X-ray region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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Experimental UV Astronomy

Keywords: ORFEUS, WSO/UV, HIRDES, decelopment of UV detectors

Quantitative spectroscopy of (pre-) white dwarfs and supersoft X-ray sources

Keywords: white dwarfs, PG1159 stars, central stars of planetary nebulae, radiation transport, stellar atmospheres, synthetic spectra, ground and space based observations, GAVO

Thermal emission from neutron stars

Keywords: neutron stars, magnetic fields, neutron star atmospheres, equation of state

Spectra from accretion disks of compact stellar remnants

Keywords: cataclysmic variable, dwarf novae, AMCVn stars, ultracompact X-ray binaries, supernova fallback disc, debris disc around single white dwarfs