International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW)

Completed Projects of the Research Focus Technology Ethics

INTEGRAM (2016-2019)

Integrated research: A critical analysis and practical dissemination for the research area “Human-technology interaction”

  • INTEGRAM dealt with the integration of ethical, social, legal and economic aspects into the development of technology. On the one hand the mode of knowledge production required by funding institutions was critically analysed. These aspects should no longer be researched as an accompanying measure, but integrated into technology development projects. On the other hand, a handbook was created that helps project teams to systematically take the above-mentioned aspects into account in their work.
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MUSKAT (2014–2017)

Multisensory based detection of offenders in crowds in complex police operations

MATERIA (2013–2015)

People in Old Age and Technology: Ethical-Social Science Reflection on Inter-Action

SmartSec (2015)

How smart is ‘smart security’? Exploring data subjectivity and resistance

KRETA (2011–2014)

Body scanner: Reflection of ethics on technology and application contexts

MuVit (2010–2013)

MuViT: Pattern Recognition and Video Tracking: socio-psychological, sociological, ethical and legal analyses

THEBEN (2007–2010)

Terahertz detection systems: Ethical monitoring, evaluation and standardization

TeraSec (2006)

Active Terahertz Imagining for Security