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Studium Oecologicum

The Studium Oecologicum is a program on sustainable development for students of all disciplines.

The student initiative Greening the University e. V. initiated the Studium Oecologicum in the summer semester of 2009. Today, the Studium Oecologicum is an established course offered by the University of Tübingen, which is supported by the Student Initiative, Career Service (Department II - Studies and Teaching) and the International Centre for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (Ethics Center) of the University of Tübingen and funded within the framework of the BMBF project ESIT.

Introductory film

On the way to a local food policy council!

This summer semester, the Studium Oecologicum, together with the FH Rottenburg and the Solawi Tübingen (Community Supported Agriculture), offers a transdisciplinary seminar project on the topic of reginal food networks. The participating students interview food stakeholders and participate in the organisation of a kick-off event to establish a local food policy  council. The kick-off event on Wednesday, October 14th, at 6 pm in the Gemeindehaus Lamm will be attended by representatives of existing local food policy councils from Germany (Berlin, Leipzig). The seminar project is supported by Trafo, the network for transfer-oriented teaching.

Engagement 2030 - Action for the UN sustainability goals

Together with the organization Finep, the Studium Oecologicum offers a seminar on the local implementation of global sustainability goals (SDGs) in the summer semester 2020. In the project Engagement 2030 students work together with development policy organizations on the local implementation of SDGs. In four modules, they learn knowledge and skills on sustainability issues and global learning. In real-life laboratories they develop new forms of engagement together with the associations. Registration for Engagement 2030 is possible starting on February 20 via Alma. By attending all four modules, the Studium Oecologicum certificate can be obtained directly. Further information here.

Seminar Fair chocolate - making it yourself and making it visible in the media

Who earns how much from a bar of chocolate? How big is the socio-ecological footprint of conventional cocoa farming? And what can fair alternatives look like? On the occasion of the international chocolate festival ChocolArt in Tübingen, the Studium Oecologicum has also become active on the topic of (un)fair chocolate in December 2019. In a separate seminar "Fair chocolate - making it yourself and making it visible in the media" 21 students dealt with the value chain of cocoa and, with the help of the Inkota exhibition 'Sweet & Bitter', with the socio-ecological problems along the supply chain. The history and seal of fair trade was also a central theme during a visit to the World Shop. At ChocolArt, they conducted surveys among exhibitors and visitors on the relevance of fair chocolate at the Chocolate Festival. The results of these surveys were subsequently published in the media, including the Schwäbisches Tagblatt, Kupferblau and a live interview with the Wüsten Welle. A report on the online portal platform "Ernährungswandel" will be published shortly.

Reports from the 2019 workshops

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Studium Oecologicum, we organised a workshop on "Sustainability certificates at universities" in Tübingen on the 21th and 22nd of March 2019. Around 30 professors, lecturers and representatives of student initiatives from 20 different universities took part in the workshop. A documentation of the workshop can be downloaded here.

In cooperation with the BMBF project Hoch-N (Sustainability at Universities), a workshop 'Teaching - Research - Transfer' was held for the lecturers of the Studium Oecologicum on the 27th and 28th of June 2019. The workshop focused on the topics of research-based learning, teaching with partners in practice and an exchange on the Hoch-N guideline "Education for Sustainable Development in University Teaching". A photo documentation of the workshop results is available for download here.


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Course program SuSe 2020

Registration: until 15 March on Alma

What is the Studium Oecologicum?

The Studium Oecologicum is a course program on sustainable development for students of all disciplines. The aim of the Studium Oecologicum is to promote the development of analysis-based, reflective and responsible action and thus to enhance the students' organizational skills. This involves the challenges of our time such as social injustice, climate change, increasing scarcity of resources and an economic system in crisis.

For the block seminars of the Studium Oecologicum no special previous knowledge is required. They are led by university and external lecturers. The programme is designed in exchange with the student representatives of the Advisory Board for Sustainable Development and the Student Initiative NEZ.

The teaching of Education for Sustainable Development is characterized by methodological diversity as well as inter- and transdisciplinarity. In this sense, the courses represent a joint learning process of participants and lecturers.

Which courses are offered?

The Studium Oecologicum offers basic and thematic courses. Basic courses introduce the topic of sustainable development. In the thematic courses, practice-oriented solutions are developed and individual aspects are further developed. Both regular and varying courses are offered.

Here you will find an overview of the courses proposed and the entire current course program for the Summer Semester 2020. Registration for the courses is possible until March 15th via Alma.



How can I register?

Registration for the courses is done via the course catalogue of the campus system. The course program and registration can be accessed via the Alma-Portal under Extra-curricular events->Career Service->Interdisciplinary content: Society, Sustainability, ...

What is the Certificate Studium Oecologicum?

Students who have attended several courses of the Studium Oecologicum can obtain the certificate "Studium Oecologicum". The following requirements are necessary to obtain the certificate:

  • at least one basic course:
    The so-called basic courses (marked in Studium Professionale by course names 1SOG...) are creditable.
  • at least two thematic courses: 
    Topic courses are marked in the Studium Professionale program by course titles 1SOT... in the Studium Professionale-Program. After consultation with the Coordination of the Studium Oecologicum, additional selected "disciplinary courses", which are part of the regular teaching activities of the faculties, can be included in the certificate.
  • at least 12 ECTS - points:
    Courses in the Studium Oecologicum are usually assigned 2 to 4 ECTS points. To obtain the certificate, at least 12 ECTS points are required.

The certificate attests to the acquisition of solid basic knowledge and interdisciplinary key competences on issues of sustainable development and is issued by the University of Tübingen. The required certificates can be acquired over several semesters. In certain cases, certificates on SD topics from other universities, including the Virtual Academy of Bremen, can also be credited.

As soon as all the required credits are obtained, they can be presented at the Career Service during opening hours. After completion of the credits, students will be informed by e-mail.