International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW)


The IZEW is intricately tied into many facets of education at the University of Tübingen. Our colleagues are engaged in a diverse range of fields, providing interdisciplinary approaches to ethical reflection and the unification of practice and theory. Students of all faculties can attain a certificate for their notable academic performance in “Oecologicum Studies” and “Ethics in Practice.” For students pursuing their teaching credentials in any faculties, the IZEW coordinates the ethics course offers in B.Ed. and M.Ed., as well as in the “Ethical-Philosophical Studies in School and Education” (EPG).

Occupational Further Education: Ethics in Organizations

The IZEW offers further education parallel to your occupation (in cooperation with the Tübingen Center for Scientific Further Education), appealing particularly to social organizations and educational services. This includes managerial staff as well as employees that desire qualification in handling ethical questions in their occupational fields.

Ethical-Philosophical Studies in School and Education (EPG)

The EPG was introduced in 2001 in Baden Württemberg with the goal of imparting specific competencies to students pursuing their teaching credentials, such that they are able to handle ethical questions in a competent and informed manner.