International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW)


The IZEW is supported by all faculties at the University of Tübingen. These faculties delegate one representative each for the IZEW’s Advisory Board. The holders of the professorial chairs for ethics in the biosciences, for ethics, theory and history of the biosciences, for ethics in medicine as well as ethics in economics and globalization are automatic members of the Adviory Board. Additional professors from the faculties complete the scientific spectrum. The Advisory Board elects a three-member board, whose spokespersons lead the IZEW. The International Advisory Board contributes to concepts for the further development of the IZEW.

The activities of the IZEW are organized and coordinated in the administrative office. This not only pertains to the organization of active operations, but also to supporting the board in concepts for the further development of the IZEW, the maintenance of contact to the public and the university, the development of third-party funding, the conception and organization of lecture series and conferences.