International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW)

Department of Society, Culture and Technological Change

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Regina Ammicht Quinn is the head of the department.
Currently, our team includes: Andreas Baur, Jaqueline Bellon, Lou Brandner, Friedrich Gabel, Céline Gressel, Thomas Grote, Thilo Hagendorff, Jessica Heesen (head of the research focus Media Ethics and IT), Paula Helm, Martin HennigSimon HirsbrunnerMarco Krüger, Wulf Loh, Sol Martinez Demarco, Alexander Orlowski, Alberto Romele, Alexander Roppelt, Karoline Reinhardt, Laura SchelenzLuzia Sievi, Mone Spindler, Ingrid Stapf, Lea Watzinger. Furthermore, we do currently have two Visiting Fellows: Beatrice Bonami and Saedeeh Bababi. Finally, several student assistants support us in our work.