Institute of Historical and Cultural Anthropology


The Ludwig Uhland Institute (LUI) participated in the Tübingen-based Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 437 “Experiences of War – War and Society in the Modern Era,” thereby undertaking a large number of research projects. The discussion in those projects focused on processes of symbolization and issues of mainstream religiosity in particular, in addition to the war-related production of folkloric knowledge. Currently the topic of war is a popular one at the Institute, due to the anniversaries of World Wars I and II. But also, beyond that, wars (and with them, violence) also play a large role in the 21st century, and for that reason they are still (regrettably) an important topic in Historical and Cultural Anthropology. Several conferences have been held at the Ludwig Uhland Institute on the subject of war, and there is a large number of relevant publications. At the same time, innovative approaches to experiences of war – and even to the culture of war – have been explored recently in numerous dissertations.