Methods Center

Quantitative Methods

Chair: Prof. Dr. Augustin Kelava


The derpartment Quantitative Methods is dedicated to the development of statistical procedures for the modelling of human experience and behaviour. 

A particular focus of the department’s work is on so called latent variable models.

  • In one research project on nonlinear latent models, the department is dedicated to the development of estimation procedures.
  • Moreover, dynamic models, able to describe longitudinal changes of traits, are being developed.
  • Models for the description of cognitive performance (IRT, KST, CDM) are enhanced as well.

In its applied research, the department pursues the investigation of college drop-out phenomena, especially in relation to mathematical study programs, as well as the improvement of student assessment for the department of medicine. In both projects it assumes project leadership.  

In addition, the department takes the lead in the research project Competence Modeling and Competence Development which is part of a wider program of research based at the Tübingen School of Education.