Methods Center

Dr. Zachary Roman

Postdoctoral Researcher


Quantitative Methods of Intervention and Evaluation

University of Zurich


Research Interests

  • Auto-regressive approaches for modeling spatial and social dependence with an emphasis on developments in Structural Equation Models (SEM).
  • Novel implementations of latent classification models such as mixture modeling and dynamic latent class approaches.

Curriculum Vitae

since 2019
Curriculum Vitae

Department of Psychology, Psychological Methods, Evaluation, and Statistics


at University of Zurich |


70% Research, 20% Teaching, 10% Consultation

Ph.D. Quantitative Psychology, Doctoral Minor in Computer Science

at University of Kansas

M.S. in Quantitative Psychology

at Illinois State University |


Thesis: Evaluating Cross-Battery Assessment: A Monte Carlo Study

B.A. in Psychology, Minor in Sociology

at Ohio University


Selected Publications

  • Roman, Z. J., Brandt, H., (2021). A Latent Auto-regressive Approach for Bayesian Structural Equation Modeling of Spatially or Socially Dependent Data, Multivariate Behavioral Research. Article
  • Ho, A. T., Roman, Z. J., Wu, M. Y., (In press). Big Data applications: exploratory data analytics of public safety concerns. In Welch, E., (.Ed) Electronic government Research Handbook, IGI Global
  • Knopf-Amelung, S., Brommelsiek, M., Peterson, J. A., Roman, Z., & Graybill, T. L. (2018). Developing a measure for health professionals’ attitudes toward veterans. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 8(7), 60-67. Article
  • Schneider, W. J., & Roman, Z. (2018). Fine-tuning cross-battery assessment procedures: After follow-up testing, use all valid scores, cohesive or not. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 36(1), 34-54. Article
  • Roman, Z. J. (2016). Optimizing cross-battery assessment procedures for reading-based specific learning disorder diagnosis: A Monte Carlo study. Illinois State University. [Master’s Thesis]
  • Mann, T. D., Hund, A. M., Hesson‐McInnis, M. S., & Roman, Z. J., (2017). Pathways to school readiness: Executive functioning predicts academic and social–emotional aspects of school readiness. Mind, Brain, and Education, 11(1), 21-31. Article
  • Jadallah, M., Hund, A. M., Thayn, J., Studebaker, J. G., Roman, Z. J., & Kirby, E. (2017). Integrating geospatial technologies in fifth-grade curriculum: Impact on spatial ability and map-analysis skills. Journal of Geography, 116(4), 139-151. Article

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