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A New Nonlinear Dynamic Latent Variable Framework

Augustin Kelava and Holger Brandt published a new nonlinear dynamic latent class structural equation model (NDLC-SEM) framework in the Structural Equation Modeling Journal. The NDLC-SEM is capable of intra-individual psychological processes (e.g., changes in affective states as trajectories in mathematics studies), which for example could predict a drop-out. These processes are decomposed into parts which include individual-specific components (e.g., vulnerabilities, stable risk factors such as personality factors or cognitive abilities) and time-specific components. The NDLC-SEM acts as a very comprehensive framework that allows to integrate information of different data-levels and flexible relationships between variables (e.g., specific interactions).

Kelava, A. & Brandt, H. (2019). A nonlinear dynamic latent class structural equation model. Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 26(4), 509-528.  doi: 10.1080/10705511.2018.1555692