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The research group for Middle East and Comparative Politics offers you interviews and competent discussion partners for analyses of recent events, commentaries, and background information on the following topics:

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Overview of our analysis of recent events

This is a list of media statements and commentaries on the recent developments in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and other countries in the region as well as on the Middle East policies pursued by of Germany, the EU, and the USA and on issues of development policy by the experts in our research group.

HR2-Kultur (14.01.2020): Oliver Schlumberger on the developments: 10 years after the "Arab Spring"

SEPAD (18.03.2020): Oliver Schlumberger on Sectarianism, Proxies and Desectarianisation


 WDR 5 "Morgenecho"(20.01.2020): Oliver Schlumberger on the Berlin Libya Conference and future prospects of Libya

Ähnliches FotoRia Novosti (20.01.2020): Oliver Schlumberger on the Berlin Libya Conference and external actors

Schwäbisches Tagblatt (17.06.2017): Successful kick-off of 'Tübingen Talks on Democracy' with Jean Asselborn

WirtschaftsWoche (08.06.2017): Oliver Schlumberger on the crisis developing between Qatar and Saudi-Arabia

Münchner Merkur (07.06.2017): Oliver Schlumberger answers five questions regarding Qatars conflict with Saudi-Arabia

Schwäbisches Tagblatt (22.02.2017): Oliver Schlumberger on the subversion of democracy

Landesschau Baden-Württemberg (13.01.2016) Oliver Schlumberger on the background and the implications of the Istanbul suicide attack

SWR 4 BW (16.11.2015) Danae Panissié on the political implications after Paris attacks

Landesschau Baden-Württemberg (27.10.2014): Oliver Schlumberger on salafist groups

Reutlinger General-Anzeiger (07.08.2014): Steven Heydemann on the power game in Syria and Iraq

NDR Info Redezeit, Hamburg (15.07.2014): Oliver Schlumberger on the escalating Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Schwäbisches Tagblatt Tübingen, (28.11.2013): The new Joint Master's Program: close cooperation with Cairo

Deutsche Welle, Bonn (23.10.2013): Tina Zintl on the chances of a peace conference for Syria

Radio Dreyeckland, Freiburg (24.09.2013): Oliver Schlumberger about Syria after the chemical weapon attack

Schwäbisches Tagblatt, Tübingen (28.08.2013): Tina Zintl on a possible Western intervention in Syria


Main Echo, Aschaffenburg (17.08.2013): Oliver Schlumberger on the tense situation in Egypt


NDR, Hamburg (27.07.2013): Oliver Schlumberger on recent developments in Egypt and the entire MENA region

Radioeins/Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (19.07.2013), Oliver Schlumberger on the economic role of Egypt's military (in German)

Straubinger Tagblatt/Landshuter Zeitung, Straubing (05.07.2013): Oliver Schlumberger on Egypt after Mursi

Schwäbisches Tagblatt, Tübingen (01.06.2013): Oliver Schlumberger and Tina Zintl on the end of the Syrian arms embargo

Studentenfutter, Tübingen (30.03.2013): Oliver Schlumberger on the "Arab Spring"

Swiss Television, Zürich (17.07.2012), Oliver Schlumberger considers the use of chemical wapons in Syria unlikely

Deutsche Welle, Bonn (10.07.2012), Schlumberger evaluates the recent demonstrations in Saudi-Arabia

Deutsche Welle, Bonn (18.06.2012), Disappointment and hope after the revolution in Egypt

Deutschlandfunk, Köln (01.03.2012), Broadcast on recent research in the Middle East - among others our project on Arab Youth

The European, (26.02.2012), Oliver Schlumberger joins the discussion "Politics with Dictators"

SWR4 Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart (17.5.2011) on the death of Osama bin Laden

The New York Times, New York: Reading list on unrest in the Arab World

Die Neue 107,7 Stuttgart (07.04.2011) on the chances for a diplomatic solution in Libya

SWR 4 Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart (02.05.2011) on the death of Osama bin Laden

FAZ, Frankfurt a. M. (30.03.2011) on the merits of Political Science

Voice of Russia, Moskau (28.03.2011) on the German abstention vote

dpa, Berlin (25.03.2011) on the term "Arab World"

hr2 kultur, Frankfurt a. M. (21.03.2011) on the Arab League in the Libya conflict

ARD-Nachtmagazin, Hamburg (10.03.2011) on a possible military intervention

The New Yorker, New York (07.03.2011) on economic reform in the Middle East

SWR 4 Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart (25.02.2011) on current situation in Libya

Die Tageszeitung, Berlin (19.02.2011) on the "Arab Spring"

Deutsche Welle, Bonn (14.02.2011) on the protests in Algeria

The European, Berlin (8.2.2011) on Western foreign policy

N24-online-Nachrichten, Berlin (8.2.2011) on Western foreign policy

Schwäbische Zeitung, Leutkirch (05.02.2011) on recent developments in Egypt

Die ZEIT-online, Berlin (04.02.2011) on the role of the Suez Canal

SWR 4 Rheinland Pfalz, Mainz (04.02.2011) on consequences of the Arab revolutions

ARD (WDR), Köln (03.02.2011): Fact check for the talk show "Hart aber fair"

Radio Ton, Heilbronn (03.02.2011) on violent clashes in Egpyt

Die Neue 107,7, Stuttgart (03.02.2011) on the need for a new Western Middle East policy

dpa, Berlin (01.02.2011): "What is a demonstration?"

Hitradio Antenne 1, Stuttgart (01.02.2011) on the protests in Egypt

Schwäbisches Tagblatt, Tübingen (31.01.2011) on thecurrent situation in Egypt

SWR 4 Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart (30.01.2011 / 04.02.2011)

Berliner Zeitung, Berlin (15.10.2010)

WDR 5, Köln (27.04.2010)


Schwäbisches Tagblatt (21.08.2009): Oliver Schlumberger's start at Tuebingen University