Institute of Political Science

Academic Co-operation

We are well connected to institutions of academic research all over the globe, the Middle East.On this page you will find a short description of our main academic partners as well as a link to implemented projects in co-operation with the latter ones.

United Kingdom

University of Warwick; Politics & International Studies

The University of Warwick is a state university, founded in 1961, which counts to the ten most well-respected academic institution in the world. Its international reputation was honored in Bill Clinton's visit of December 2000. He designated his last presidential trip abroad to this place.

Tony Blair described the University of Warwick as a model of academic excellence. At the Department for Politics and International Studies Prof. Peter Burnell teaches who is well-known for his expertise in the field of democratization and promoting democracy.


Center for Strategic Studies

The Center for Strategic Studies is an outstanding academic institution in Jordan. The CSS was founded in 1984 at the University of Jordan and initially conducted research predominently on regional conflicts, international relations and security. Today,the CSS has broadened its scope to the research on democracy, pluralism, development, economy, and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process. The CSS can thus be counted to the most well-known Think Tanks in the MENA region.

As a junior researcher you get to work on your research interests and you will also get the opportunity to teach graduate or undergraduate courses.

Since our successful co-operation with the CSS in the past, we look forward to conducting joint projects in the future!


The American University in Cairo (AUC)

The AUC has the best reputation amongst the foreign university in the MENA region. It has recently moved to a new campus on the outskirts of Cairo where the air is fresher than downtown and where a totally new campus with an amazing architecture awaits students and faculty. Courses are taught in English and many lecturers and professors both enjoy an international reputation and have an international background.


At AUC, we cooperate with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Our contractual partners include AUC's former chief academic officer and – starting from February 2011 – new president, Professor Lisa Anderson, Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences Ann Lesch, and, of course, more specifically the Political Science Department.



Cairo University in Gizeh

With over 270.000 students, Cairo University is the largest university in the Middle East and North Africa. In 2009, this was reason enough for US president Barack Obama to address the Arab and, in fact, the entire Muslim world from here with his famous speech on the future relations between the West and the Islamic world. We cooperate with the Faculty of Economics and Political Science (FEPS, ca. 6000 students). There is an “English language track” that allows students to visit courses in English.

Furthermore, there is a longtime DAAD lecturer in charge of a degree program on Euro-Mediterranean relations, whom serves as a contact point for our German guests there.
Cairo University’s FEPS is, among others, known as an elite educational institution which serves not least to educate and produce future elites for service in high governmental positions in the State of Egypt.