Institute of Political Science

Team: Who Are We?

Below you find an alphabetical list of our team members. For more detailed information, please visit the respective member's individual site.

Axmann, Tobias Student Research Assistant M.A. Program CMEPS 07071/ 29-74912 cmeps-assistant(at)

Barrios, Harald

Professional Lecturer

07071 39-78372 Harald_Barrios(at)
Braun, Hannah-Lea Student Research Assistant 07071 29-78364 menaresearchspam
Dauser, Jakob Student Research Assistant 07071 29-78364 menaresearchspam
Edel, Mirjam Senior Lecturer & Student Councillor 07071-29-78367 mirjam.edel(at)
Amjed Rasheed Teach@Tübingen Fellow  07071/ 29-78338 amjed.rasheedspam
Gerster, Karin Lecturer   karin.gerster(at)
Maati, Ahmed PhD Candidate 07071 29-78368 ahmed.maati(at)
Pawelka, Peter Professor Emeritus 07071 29-75445 mena(at)
Rack, Constantin Student Research Assistent 07071 29-78364 menaresearchspam
Saglam, Koray Junior Lecturer & Research Associate 07071 29-78367 koray.saglam(at)
Schlumberger, Oliver Professor (Head of Research Group) 07071 29-78372 mena(at)
Trautner, Bernhard Honorary Professor 07071 29-78372 menaresearch(at)
Wagner, Stephanie Administration 07071 29-78372 mena(at)