Institute of Prehistory, Early History and Medieval Archaeology

Panel talk between Raiko Krauß and Alexander Edmonds

Friday, 14.06.2024, Café Haag, 6 pm, free entry

Translation of archaeological literature from German into English, taking the recently published monograph "Dynamics of Neolithisation in South-eastern Europe. The Beginnings of Agriculture, Husbendry and Sedentary Life". Every translation is a new interpretation - about peculiarities, funny misunderstandings and other stumbling blocks in the translation of supposedly similar languages.

Musically accompanied by Moritz Länder.

Event Link Café Haag

Institute Colloquium Summer Semester 2024

From Wednesday, May 8, the Institute Colloquium will again take place on Wednesdays at 12.15 p.m. in room 212 in the castle with a wide range of interesting lectures by members of the Institute and external speakers. All employees, students and other interested parties are invited to attend, listen and join in the discussion.

Gold im Ammertal. Das Ende der Steinzeit im Raum Tübingen

Schriften des MUT, Bd. 27, Tübingen 2023
294 Seiten mit 274 Farbabbildungen

This handbook combines essays on the cultural history of the region around Tübingen, contributions on archaeological methodology and a comprehensive catalogue of the archaeologically investigated sites.

A basic reference work for every student!

Can be purchased directly from Prof Krauß at the Institute at a price of €29.90