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Thank you for visiting the homepage of the Institute of Modern History at the University of Tübingen. Our focus on modern history begins in the late 15th century and ends in the early 20th century. The invention of the printing press, the European “discovery” and conquest of other parts of the world, and the religious upheavals surrounding the Reformation mark the beginning of this era, which culminated in what George F. Kennan has termed the “seminal catastrophe of the 20th century”, namely the First World War and its aftermath.

Two chaired professorships are dedicated to the teaching and research of modern history at the University of Tübingen. Prof. Dr. Renate Dürr and her staff concentrate on the early modern period (16th to 18th centuries), while Prof. Dr. Ewald Frie and his staff specialize in the long 19th century (the mid-1700s to the 1930s). The institute's historians work closely with primary sources, but they are also interested in general theories of history. As scholars, they question what constitutes “modernity” or the “modern era” by exploring its temporal boundaries with the Middle Ages and the contemporary era as well as investigating the “Saddle Period” around 1800. Moreover, they approach German and European history within a global context. Religious and cultural history perspectives, the modern history of knowledge and science, the meaning of order in societies and institutions in crisis as well as the history of the poor and lower classes are just some of the interests shared within the department. The Institute of Modern History is also a partner of the CRC 923 “Threatened Orders: Societies under Stress” and SFB 1070 "Ressourcenculture" as well as the Research Training Group 1662 “Religious Knowledge in Pre-Modern Europe (800-1800)”.


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