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Institute of Modern History

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Current topics and research projects

We investigate historical phenomena between the 15th and 20th centuries. Epoch boundaries and narratives about "the modern age" are put to the test by working together on different topics across epochs. We deal with religion and mission, knowledge and translation, social formations, economy, material culture and consumption. In doing so, we look at historical phenomena in their local and global dimensions and their transnational entanglements and disentanglements.


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Early Modern History
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Global Early Modern History
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History of the 19th century
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Modern Regional History

Participation in Collaborative Research

CRC 923

Threatened Order

CRC 1070


International guests of the insitute

Dr. Nathan Rives

Weber State University

Dr. Luke Fernandez

Weber State University

Dr. Susan Matt

Weber State University

Dr. Francois Otchakovsky-Laurens




Forschungskolloquium Frühe Neuzeit & 19. Jahrhundert

Angola, Hamburg und Napoleon. Das (gegen)revolutionäre Leben des Louis de Grandpré

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