Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft

SFB 441 Projekt A1

Prof. Dr. Erhard Hinrichs
Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft
Universität Tübingen
Wilhelmstr. 19
72074 Tübingen
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Dr. Heike Telljohann

Former staff members:

Kathrin Beck
Eva Klett
Sandra Kübler
Heike Zinsmeister
Karin Naumann
Tylman Ule
Julia Trushkina
Frank Henrik Müller
Beata Kouchnir
Martina Liepert
Laura Kallmeyer
Manfred Sailer
Ilona Steiner
Yannick Versley
Holger Wunsch


The relationship between empiricism and theory in linguistics, which was a central point of interest in the SFB 441, was investigated by project A1 with regard to electronically available text corpora. The availability of large electronically accessible corpora opens up a new source of data, which is an important means for developing linguistic theories. The usefulness of data pooled in corpora mainly depends on the method with which they are being prepared. For this reason, the aim of this project was twofold: First, theory neutral modes of representing the data were be defined. Second, the accessibility of data was investigated. These two aims were pursued in the three sectors of the project. These sectors cluster around

  • (a) providing complex automatic annotations
  • (b) defining a query language for corpora with complex annotation schemes
  • (c) providing theory dependent representations for corpora with complex annotation schemes.

Project proposal 1999-2001 (in german) (Postscript)    Final report 1999-2001 (in german) (Postscript)

Project proposal 2002-2004 (in german) (Postscript)    Final report 2002-2004 (in german) (PDF)

Project proposal 2005-2008 (in german) (PDF)