Institute of Organic Chemistry

Complex Molecular Architectures Made by Design

Myriads of biochemical processes with unrivaled efficiency and selectivity proceed at every moment within the restricted molecular space of cells and enzyme pockets. To mimic such nanoscale confinements, artificial porous materials have been developed for potential applications in gas storage and separation, membranes, catalysis, sensing, energy storage or optoelectronics.

Research in the Beuerle group is focused on the design and synthesis of complex molecular nanostructures utilizing the repetitive self-assembly of small organic subcomponents via dynamic reactions. Following a molecular design approach, we control both structure and function for these porous superstructures by means of suitable building block design and appropriate choice of dynamic coupling reactions. Ultimately, we develop new materials for applications in gas storage and separationenergy harvesting and storage(photo)catalysissensing or specific host-guest interactions.