Institute of Organic Chemistry


The NMR facility of the organic chemistry is equipped with the following devices:



Bruker DSX 200 SWB 4 mm (1H/X)-CP-MAS-Probe
7 mm (1H/X)-CP-MAS-Probe

Bruker Avance III HD 300 NanoBay

5 mm BBFO-Probe

Bruker Avance III HD 300 XWB

4 mm (1H/X)-CP-MAS-Probe
4 mm (1H/X/Y)-Triple Resonance CP-MAS WB DVT Probe
7 mm (1H/X)-CP-MAS-Probe

Bruker Avance III HD 400

(1H/13C)-Dual Probe
5 mm BBO-Probe (with 19F tuneable 1H Coil)
Bruker Avance III HDX 400

4 mm (1H/13C)-HR-MAS-Probe
5 mm (1H/13C)-SEI-Probe
5 mm BBFO-Probe
5 mm DiffBB BBO-Diffusion Probe with 19F tuneable 1H Coil incl. accessoires

Bruker Avance III HDX 600

3 mm (1H/13C)-Dual Probe
5 mm (1H/13C/15N)-Triple Resonance Probe
5 mm Prodigy BBO-Cryo-Probe
Protasis Capillary Probe (with 25-µl-Cell)

Bruker Avance III HDX 700

5 mm (1H/13C/15N)-TXI-Probe
5 mm Prodigy (1H,19F/13C/15N)-TCI-Cryo-Probe

Bruker EMXmicro with PremiumX Microwave-Bridge

Resonator ER-4102ST

Resonator ER-4102DR

Resonator ER-4103TM