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New professorship at the Department of Computer Science

A warm welcome to Prof. Dr. Sven Nahnsen, who as of September 1st 2021 holds the new chair for "Biomedical Data Science".

Prof. Nahnsen's research focuses on the development of new methods for the management, integration and analysis of biomedical data. The rapid increase of data volumes in biomedical research, as well as methodological developments in the field of artificial intelligence, form the basis for new knowledge in basic research and the translation of these processes to the patient. For example, Prof. Nahnsen's group is developing methods to integrate globally available data on different cancer entities using computer-assisted workflows. It is hoped that greater data resources will enable better predictions of therapy response and prognosis in cancer treatment. Other applications of his methodological research are in the analysis of microbiome data and its correlation with clinical phenotypes and environmental influences.

Prof. Nahnsen studied biomathematics and biotechnology at the Universities of Greifswald and Strasbourg. In 2006 he graduated with a Diplôme d'ingénieure from the Ecole Supérieure de Biotechnologie die Strasbourg (ESBS). A research period at the University of Cambridge was followed by a PhD in Bioinformatics at the University of Tübingen. Since 2012, he has established the Center for Quantitative Biology (QBiC) as a central institution of the University and was appointed Scientific Director of the Center in 2018.