Interfaculty Institute for Cell Biology

Interested in joining the lab?

Open PhD position: We are recruiting a PhD student through the Research Training Group "MOMbrane" for the project "Remodeling of the mitochondrial outer membrane during the cell division cycle"
The PhD candidate will have the opportunity to apply state-of-the-art phospho-proteomics and live cell imaging techniques to study how proteins of the mitochondrial outer membrane change while the cell is growing and dividing. We want to understand how this regulation of mitochondrial outer membrane proteins contributes to coordinating cell cycle progression with the energy demands of the cell. Our favorite model organism is budding yeast, but in the context of MOMbrane we will also be closely collaborating with colleagues working on other model systems and human cells.
Please apply by March 15th 2021 through the MOMbrane website.

Please contact Dr. Jennifer Ewald for information on currently available Master or Bachelor thesis projects.

Currently, we do not have any Postdoc positions available. However, motivated candidates are invited to contact me at any time with the intention of applying for their own funding.