Department of Mathematics

Application and next steps

Here you can find all the steps and deadlines necessary for the Erasmus+ application.

This is what you have to do before your stay abroad:

1) Counseling.

Come by the departmental advising center during our opening hours and let us advise you. A list of partner universities of the Institute of Mathematics can be found here.

2) Application

Send us an email to with:

  • the semester of your stay abroad,
  • the city you want to go to
  • your full name,
  • a non-student e-mail address,
  • your study program during the stay abroad (e.g. Mathematics B.Sc.),
  • your semester of study during the stay abroad,
  • your nationality and
  • your date of birth.

The deadlines are:

       February 1 for applications for the following winter semester.

       August 1 for applications for the following summer semester.

3) (Internal) Nomination

After applying, we will nominate you to your university and for the mobility scholarship. You will have to apply for both later on.

4) Learning Agreement

In the Learning Agreement you list all the lectures you would like to attend abroad, and your exam committee chairperson signs that you can actually have them credited later. The Learning Agreement is therefore a safeguard for you and should be filled out in any case.

  • Find out about the lectures offered abroad in the respective course catalog of the partner university. 
  • Choose suitable lectures and enter them provisionally in the Learning Agreement (below in the download area). 
  • Go with the Learning Agreement to your examination board chairperson, discuss the lectures and have the Learning Agreement signed.
  • Send the Learning Agreement to the person in charge at the local university (usually the Erasmus coordinator) and have him/her sign it as well.

5) Application at the partner university (different deadlines)

The type, scope and deadlines for the application at the partner university vary greatly. Please inform yourself! You will find the necessary information on the websites of the partner universities and usually you will also get the following information

6) Application for the mobility grant

The Department of International Affairs is responsible for the mobility grant. Deadlines for the mobility grant are usually (as of 2021):

       June 30 for applications for the following winter semester.

       November 30 for applications for the following summer semester.

All further information can be found on the website of the Department of International Affairs.