Probestation & Electric Transport Measurements

For the electronic characterization of the mesocrystalline systems a very suitable method are field effect transistor measurements. As a voltage source and amperemeter two different Keithley Source Meters are available, one with Nanoampere (2634 B) and one with Picoampere measurement range (2636 B). Sample holders and faradaic cages for the measurement stations are custom made for this specific purpose.

The Lake Shore Cryotronics CRX-6.5K Probe Station offers a convenient way of examining the electronic properties of materials over a temperature range of 8.5-350K. From such dark current investigations, material-dependent properties, such as its conductivity and charge carrier mobility, may be obtained. These in turn allow for insights into the transport mechanisms .

The design of the Probe Station facilitates measurements under vacuum as well as inert gas atmosphere. Hereby, a custom-made transport arm allows for the loading of a sample inside a glovebox and its subsequent transport and insertion into the Probe Station under exclusion of air.

Common samples are Field-Effect Transistors or interdigitated structures combined with thin films. Typically, these films are composed of semi-conducting quantum dots, either interlinked via organic semiconducting ligands, with shells or other modifications.