Neural Information Processing

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Cognitive Modeling

Type of Module:
Credits allocated 6
- Contact time
- Self-study
180 h
Contact time
60 h / 4 SWS
120 h
Module length 1 term
Frequency of module Annually in summer term
Language English
Type of Course Lecture course, Practice
Exam & Grading

Written exam, graded; length: 90 min


Cognitive models covering learning, action and perception are presented and discussed, including descriptive, qualitative, quantitative and neural models. In addition, parameter optimization as well as techniques to compare models and to interpret and evaluate model parameters are introduced. All techniques are shown in the context of concrete models of cognitive processes.

Learning targets

Students know the most important principles and techniques of cognitive modeling. They can apply various cognitive models and modeling approaches in a goal-directed manner. Moreover, they can evaluate, compare, and contrast different modeling approaches as well as modeling results. In particular, they can use also statistical methods to quantitatively compare different cognitive models.

Allowable for

Pflichtmodul Master Kognitionswissenschaft

Basic knowledge in statistics, machine learning, cognitive architectures, and neuroscience is required.
Course Co-ordinator Prof. Dr. Martin Butz, Prof. Felix Wichmann, DPhil
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