Department of History

Before coming to Tübingen, I defended my dissertation “Cupiditate Ducti: Corruption in the Carolingian World” at Princeton University and published on another great Carolingian scandal, the divorce case of queen Theutberga and king Lothar II. At the Center for Advanced Studies, I will be working on revising my dissertation for publication, by focusing specifically on the issue of the accessibility of justice, in physical, legal, and social terms. How far did litigants and judges travel to attend court cases, who was liable to have their cases heard and on what terms, and how did social status affect outcomes –both in terms of preferential treatment, as well as in terms of legal knowledge and social connections? Through these questions I hope to re-examine several of the underlying assumptions that came with the application of models of legal plurality and the attendant phenomenon of “forum-shopping” to the judicial environment of the Carolingian World. Some of the outcomes of this research will also feed into my next project, which will focus on concepts of social justice in the early medieval world.