Prof. Dr. Annette Gerok-Reiter

CRC 1391 Different Aesthetics

The CRC 1391 Different Aesthetics started its work on 1 July 2019. It examines texts, images and objects from pre-modern Europe and focuses on the ways in which they determine their own aesthetic status. It seeks to explore the contribution of the 2000 years of cultural history before the 18th century to our understanding of the aesthetic. This end is served by extensive interdisciplinary collaboration between sixteen different academic subjects.

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Spokesperson / principal investigator:
Prof. Dr. Annette Gerok-Reiter

Administrative coordinator:
Christine Ruppert

Research projects of Annette Gerok-Reiter in CRC 1391

First funding period (2019–2023)

- B3: Together with Prof. Dr. Manuel Braun (Stuttgart): Semantics of the aesthetic in German literature of the Middle Ages

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- C3: Together with Prof. Dr. Volker Leppin (Tübingen): The schoene schîn in mysticism

Link: To the research project

- Ö: Together with Prof. Dr. Jörg Robert and Prof. Dr. Anna Pawlak (Tübingen): Actualization, Communication and Transfer: Different Aesthetics in the Contemporary Public Sphere

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- Z: Zentrale Aufgaben des SFB