Deutsches Seminar

Medieval German Studies

The Medieval German Studies department at the University of Tübingen focuses on the language and literature of the middle ages, as well as early modernity, within both its European context and its close relationship with contemporary Latin scholarship.

Core themes in the field of Literary Criticism include Literary History, Literary Theory, Literary Anthropology (Research of Emotions) and Performativity of Medieval and Early Modern Literature (Drama). From a historico-linguistic point of view the grammatical description of linguistic structures pertaining to historical texts, the field of knowledge regarding Historical Semantics and the edition of historical texts using new media play a central role.

As part of a course of German Studies the medieval department offers students the opportunity to examine documents within their historical context, develop understanding of pre-modern frameworks of thought and to gain an understanding of the emergence and development of German language and literature inside the European cultural space between the 8th and 16th centuries.

The department website endeavours to provide an overview of the research and teaching practices of Medieval German Studies, furnish students with the materials needed to interpret medieval texts and to inform about events associated with the department.

Department Contact: Prof. Dr. Annette Gerok-Reiter