State Postgraduate Fellowship Programme (Landesgraduiertenförderung)

Eligibility requirements

  1. a completed university degree
  2. an outstanding qualification
  3. a scientific work project that can be expected to make an important contribution to research
  4. acceptance as a doctoral student at the University of Tübingen
  5. scientific supervision by a professor or private lecturer

Funding period

The regular funding period is two years. The fellowship is granted for one year at a time. An application for extension must be submitted in good time for further approval (also within the regular funding period). No extension beyond the regular funding period is possible.

The fellowship ends before the end of the grant period:

  1. at the end of the viva voce examination
  2. at the end of the month in which an event occurs which excludes funding in accordance with § 4 of the Statutes for the Realisation of the State Graduate Funding Act at the University of Tübingen
  3. If the felllowship holder receives remuneration or a grant for the full month in which an event occurs which excludes the grant in accordance with § 4 of the Articles of Association, the grant of the fellowship ends at the end of the previous month.
  4. at the end of the month in which the fellowship holder withdraw their dissertation, interrupts it without the consent of the University of Tübingen or continues it at another university

Type & amount of funding

The basic fellowship amounts 1.365 Euro/month. The family allowance is 160 Euro/month. For more than one child 210 Euro/month. The family allowance can only be paid if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  1. if the fellowship holder or his/her spouse is granted child benefit for a joint child in accordance with the Income Tax Act (EStG) or the Federal Child Benefit Act (BKGG)
  2. if the scholarship holder is granted child benefit as a single person for a child under the Income Tax Act (Einkommensteuergesetz - EStG) or the Federal Child Benefit Act (Bundeskindergeldgesetz - BKGG)
  3. if the scholarship holder is not legally entitled to child benefit under the EStG or the BKGG on the basis of his or her foreign nationality and can prove by submitting a certificate from the Residents' Registration Office that his or her children live with him or her in a domestic community, or if both spouses receive scholarships under the LGFG or if the spouse of the scholarship holder receives a scholarship in accordance with the provisions of the LGFG, the family allowance will only be granted once in total.

The scholarships are income-dependent. The allowance is 8,000 euros per year for the scholarship holder; for each child for which the scholarship holder is entitled to the family allowance, 1,000 euros per year are added.


Application process

Funding will only be granted on written applications. Application forms can be found in the download area.

The application must be accompanied by the following documents:

  1.     a confirmation from the faculty that the applicant has been accepted as a doctoral candidate and has been supervised by a professor/private lecturer
  2.     Verification of the applicant's income situation
  3.     Civil status documents (if required)
  4.     Proof of receipt of child benefit (if required)
  5.     Project outline (max. 5 pages) with the status of the preparatory work and a time schedule

The deadline for the submission is set by the respective faculties. Please ask the dean's office of the faculty responsible for you for the date.
Please also enclose the application on a CD with your paper application.  



The application for the extension of the second year should be submitted 2 months before the end of the first funding period.
The application for the extension contains the following documents:

  1. Application form for the further extension of the fellowship Download
  2. Short report on the project status

The report should contain a maximum of 5 pages. It should show the current status of the thesis as well as a plan and schedule until the end of the thesis. The supervisor of the dissertation project gives a statement on the report, which evaluates the achievements of the fellowship holder to date.

Exclusion of funding

Funding is excluded during an employment, unless it is a minor activity compatible with the funding. In addition, a fellowship cannot be awarded to anyone who receives or has received appropriate funding from public or private bodies for the same work project.