Deutsches Seminar

International Literatures

The program for International Literatures (IL) is structurally embedded in the Department of Modern German Literature at the University of Tübingen and benefits from the intellectual and administrative resources of the storied Deutsches Seminar with its numerous international exchange programs. The teaching and research within IL are grounded in general literary studies (poetics, rhetoric, hermeneutics, literary theory, translation) and from that foundation create a forum for the discussion of contemporary comparative literature, which gained renewed importance in the age of globalization. The field of International Literatures at the University of Tübingen is defined and instituted as a curated interchange of the various philology departments. In addition to the core curriculum, we offer a set of carefully selected seminars with a stress on comparative literature, philosophy, and literary and/or cultural theory. A space for open dialogue, critical theory, and the transfer of knowledge between philology and other departments, the program for international literatures pays tribute to Goethe’s pioneering insight: at the peak of nationalism in the 19th century, he announced that the time of national literature was over and the epoch of “world literature” had begun.


German Life and Letters

On July 1st 2018, Prof. Dr. Eckart Goebel (University of Tubingen) joined the Editorial Board of German Life and Letters.

His work for GLL will primarily concern the acquisition and editorial supervision of articles submitted from the German-speaking world. Articles written in German can be submitted directly to his Tubingen address in electronic form (eckart.goebelspam GLL’s intensified commitment to the German-speaking world is meant to foster the internationalization of German Studies as well as the academic exchange between the United Kingdom and Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Submissions of both individual articles and suggestions for special numbers, which GLL publishes twice a year, are welcome