Deutsches Seminar


The work of the researchers at the department encompasses the following topics:

  • Diachronic syntax: complex sentences, modality
  • Morphology: nominalizations, argument structure
  • Pragmatics: speech act theory, information structure, discourse structure
  • Psycholinguistics: language acquisition, processing, language and cognition
  • Semantics: compositional semantics, event semantics, lexical semantics, semantics of inflection
  • Syntax: complex sentences, ellipsis, questions, sentence structure, syntax of noun phrases

The research is conducted in the context of collaborative research centres (Sonderforschungsbereiche, SFB) and of individual projects. Current and future research projects are regularly presented at the research colloquium for German Linguistics ("Abteilungskolloquium").

The research colloquium is used to support the research of junior scientists and is a central part of the study program MA Germanistische Linguistik -- Theorie und Empirie.