Letter of Recommendation for Graduate (Master's) Programs


The Chair of Economic History will issue a maximum of 5 Letters of Recommendation per student, but not more than 2 different formats (for example different questionnaires, like some universities require). If Letters need to be sent in the mail, students are asked to provide sufficiently stamped and addressed envelopes.

We can only write letters for students who have attend at least 2 courses. We cannot write for students who have finished their Tübingen studies for more than a year already.

Please hand in your request for a letter of recommendation at least 3 weeks prior to your deadline. Requests that are submitted later cannot be accepted.

Further requirements and the application form here.

Please note: If there are forms or questionnaires, fill in the information you have in order to make things easier and to allow for smooth implementation (e.g. Prof. Batens Name, year of first contact, date etc).

If you have taken at least one course at this Chair and/or if you have written your BA thesis under Prof. Baten's supervision and are applying for a Master's program at the University of Tübingen now, you can name Prof. Baten as one of your referees without further inquiries.