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Working Papers and Recent Publications Jörg Baten



"Territorial State Capacity and Elite Violence from the 6th to the 19th Century", Jörg Baten, Thomas Keywood and Georg Wamser

2021 PDF


"Land inequality in numeracy in Spain during the seventeenth and eighteenth century", Mari Carmen Pérez-Artéz and Jörg Baten




"Numeracy development in Africa's new evidence from a long term perspective (1730 - 1970", Gabriele Cappelli and Jörg Baten




"The Influence of Colonialism on Africa's Welfare: An Anthrometric Studie",

Jörg Baten and Laura Maravall


99 "Elite Violence and Elite Numeracy in Europe from 500 to 1900 CE: A Co-Evolution? 2019 PDF


"The Human Capital of Religious Minorities in Spain and Portugal during the Inquisition Era". Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History



97 "Interpersonal violence in South Asia, 900-1900", with Sarah Gust and Jörg Baten 2019 PDF
96 "Height Development of Men and Women from China, South Korea, and Taiwan during the Rapid Economic Transformation Period of the 1960s to 1980s". Economics and Human Biology 2019 PDF
95 "Valkyries: Was gender inequality high in the Scandinavian periphery since Viking times? Evidence from enamel hypoplasia and height ratios 2019 PDF
94 "Introduction to the Special Issue in Honor of John Komlos, the Founding Editor of Economics and Human Biology Economics and Human Biology" 2019  
93 "Geography, land inequality and regional numeracy in Europe in historical perspective" Journal of Economic Growth 2018 PDF
92 "Female autonomy generates superstars in long-term development: Evidence from 15th to 19th century Europe" 2018 PDF
91 "Compulsory licensing and innovation - Historical evidence from German patents after WWI", with Petra Moser and Nicola Bianchi 2017 PDF
90 "Girl Power" in Eastern Europe? The Human Capital Development of Central-Eastern and Eastern Europe in the Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries and Its Determinants", with Mikołaj Szołtysek and Monica Campestrini 2017 PDF
89 “Economics, Human Biology and Inequality: a review of “puzzles” and recent contributions from a Deatonian perspective” with Jörg Baten 2017 PDF
88 "European Trade, Colonialism and Human Capital Accumula- tion in Senegal, Gambia and Western Mali, 1770 - 1900". CESifo Working Papers 2017 PDF
87 "Farmers at the heart of the human capital revolution. Decomposing the numeracy increase in early modern Europe" Economic History Review 2017 PDF
86 "Numeracy in Early Modern Korea, Japan, and China: the Age-Heaping Approach" Japan and the world economy 2017 PDF
85 "Institutional Quality, cash-Crop Farming, Colonialism and Early Numeracy Development in West Africa, 18th to early 20th Century", with Gabriele Cappelli 2017 PDF
84 "A Curse of ‘Point Source’ Resources? Cash Crops and Numeracy on the Philippines 19th-20th Centry" 2016 PDF
83 "Numeracy of Africans, Asians, and Europeans during the Early Modern Period: New Evidence from Cape Colony Court Registers” with Johan Fourie 2015 PDF
82 "Social and Intertemporal Differences of Basic Numeracy in Pannonia (1st Century BCE- 3rd Century CE)”, with Stefan Priwitzer 2015 PDF
81 "Poor, Hungry and Ignorant: Numeracy and the Impact of High Food Prices in Industrializing Britain, 1780-1850”, with Dorothee Crayen and Hans-Joachim Voth 2014 PDF
80 "The Changing Shape of Global Inequality 1820-2000. Exploring a New Dataset” with Jan Luiten van Zanden, Péter Földvari, and Bas van Leeuwen 2014 PDF
79 "Why are you tall while others are short? Agricultural production and other proximate determinants of global heights” with Matthias Blum 2014 PDF
78 "Does Compulsory Licensing Discourage Invention? Evidence from German Patents after the US Trading-with-the-Enemy Act" 2014 PDF
77 "War der Adel eine Elitegruppe? Die 'Numeracy' verschiedener Sozialgruppen im Georgien des 19. Jahrhunderts“ with Tinatin Sirbiladze 2014 PDF
76 "A Story of Large Land-Owners and Math Skills: Inequality and Human Capital Formation in Long-Run Development, 1820-2000" Journal of Comparative Economics 2014 PDF

"On the Human Capital of Inca Indios before and after the Spanish Conquest", with Dácil-Tania Juif and Jörg Baten

2013 PDF

"Growth effects of 19th century mass migrations: “Fome Zero” for Brazil?" with Yvonne Stolz, Joerg Baten and Tarcísio Botelho

2013 PDF
73 "Portuguese Living Standards 1720-1980 – Heights, Income and Human Capital" with Yvonne Stolz, Joerg Baten, and Jaime Reis 2013 PDF

"Long-Term Economic Growth and the Standard of Living in Indonesia”, with Mojgan Stegl and Pierre van der Eng

2013 PDF
71 "The Biological Standard of Living and Body Height in Colonial and Post-colonial Indonesia, 1770–2000. Journal of Bioeconomics 2013 PDF
70 "Big is beautiful" La productivité des entreprises en fonction de leur taille en Allemagne et aux États-Unis au tournant des XIX e -XX e siècles 2013 PDF
69 "The Early Regional Development of Human Capital in Europe, 1790 – 1880” with Ralph Hippe 2012 PDF
68 "On the Status and the Future of Economic History in the World”, with Julia Muschallik 2012 PDF
67 "Convergence and Divergence of Numeracy: The Development of Age Heaping in Latin America, 17th to 20th Centuries2" with Kerstin Manzel, Yvonne Stolz and Jörg Baten 2012 PDF
66 "Growing Tall, but Unequal: Biological Well-Being in World Regions and Its Determinants, 1810-1989" with Matthias Blum and Jörg Baten 2012 PDF
65 "An Anthropometric History of the World, 1810-1980: Did Migration and Globalization Influence Country Trends?” with Matthias Blum 2012 PDF

"Women count. Gender (In-)Equalities in the Human Capital Development in Asia, 1900-1960" with Julia Friesen and Valeria Prayon

2012 PDF
63 "Brain Drain, Numeracy and Skill Premia during the Era of Mass Migration: Reassessing the Roy-Borjas Model”, with Yvonne Stolz 2012 PDF
62 "The Biological Standard of Living in Early 19th-Century West Africa: New Anthropometric Evidence" with Gareth Austin, Bas van Leeuwen Jörg Baten 2012 PDF
61 "Growing Tall: Anthropometric Welfare of World Regions and its Determinants, 1810-1989" 2012 PDF
60 "Growing Tall, but Unequal: Biological Well-Being in World Regions and Its Determinants, 1810-1989" with Matthias Blum and Jörg Baten 2012 PDF

"Foreign direct investment of German companies during globalization and deglobalization periods", with Gerhard Kling and Kirsten Labuske

2011 PDF
58 "Civil War Determinants From a Long-Term Perspective: Was There Impact Of Anthropometric Deprivation From 1816-1999?", with Christina Mumme and Jörg Baten 2011 PDF
57 "Estimating Skill Premia with Anthropometric Indicators" with Matthias Blum and Jörg Baten 2011 PDF
56 "Anthropometric within-country Inequality and the Estimation of Skill Premia with Anthropometric Indicators" Review of Economics 2011 PDF

"Global Trends in Numeracy 1820-1949 and its Implications for Long-Term Growth", with Dorothee Crayen

2010 PDF
54 "New Evidence and New Methods to Measure Human Capital Inequality before and during the Industrial Revolution: France and the U.S. in the 17th to 19th Centuries", with Dorothee Crayen 2010 PDF

"Latin American Anthropometrics, Past and Present–an American Anthropometrics, Past and Present–an overview" with Scott Carson and Jörg Baten

2010 PDF

Globalization and Educational Inequality in Long-Run Development during the 17th to 20th Centuries: Latin America and other Developing World Regions”, with Christina Mumme, Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History (forthcoming)”

2010 PDF
51 "Did the Railway Increase Inequality? A Micro-Regional Analysis of Heights in the Hinterland of the Booming Ruhr Area During the Late 19th Century", with Georg Fertig 2010 PDF
50 "Trends of Children's Height and Parental Unemployment: A Large-Scale Anthropometric Study on Eastern Germany, 1994-2006", with Andreas Böhm 2010 PDF
49 "Population and Living Standards 1914-45", with Robert Millward 2010 PDF
48 "Regional Determinants of Firm Creation in the Russian Empire. Evidence from the 1870 Industrial Exhibition", with Dominic Behle 2010 PDF

"Evolution of Living Standards and Human Capital in China in the 18-20th Centuries: Evidences from Real Wages, Age-heaping, and Anthropometrics" with Debin Ma, Stephen Morgan and Qing Wang and Jörg Baten

2010 PDF

"Population and Living Standards 1914-45", with Robert Millward

2010 PDF
45 "Quantifying Quantitative Literacy: Age Heaping and the History of Human Capital", with Brian A’Hearn and Dorothee Crayen 2009 PDF
44 "On the Persistence of Human Capital and Patent Effects Around 1900 on Per capita levels in the 1960s" with Kirsten Labuske and Jörg Baten 2009 PDF
43 "The Anthropometric History of Argentina, Brazil and Peru during the 19th and early 20th Century", with Ines Pelger and Linda Twrdek 2009 PDF Appendix
42 "Protein Supply and Nutritional Status in Nineteenth Century Bavaria, Prussia and France 2009 PDF
41 "Tall and Shrinking Muslims, Short and Growing Europeans: The Long-Run Welfare Development of the Middle East, 1850-1980", with Mojgan Stegl 2009 PDF

"Gender Equality and Inequality in Numeracy: The Case of Latin America and the Caribbean, 1880-1949", with Kerstin Manzel

2009 PDF
39 "Measuring Gender Well-Being with Biological Welfare Indicators" 2009 PDF
38 "Anthropometric Trends in Southern China, 1830-1864", with Sandew Hira 2008 PDF
37 "Book Production at the Onset of Modern Economic Growth", with Jan-Luiten Van Zanden 2008 PDF
36 "Agricultural Specialization and Height in Ancient and Medieval Europe", with Nikola Koepke 2008 PDF
35 "Heights, Inequality, and Trade in the Latin American Perphery, 1950-2004", with Markus Baltzer 2008 PDF

"Zahlenfaehigkeit und Zahlendisziplin in Nord- und Westdeutschland, 16.-18. Jahrhundert" Jahrbuch fuer Wirtschaftsgeschichte

2008 PDF
33 "Numerical Abilities and Numerical Discipline in Northern and Western Germany, 16th to 18th Centuries 2008 PDF
32 "Growth Accounting in Items of Turbulence and Death: Efficiency, Technology, Capital Accumulation and Human Capital 1929-1950" 2007  
31 "What made southwest German firms innovative around 1900? Assessing the importance of intra- and inter-industry externalities", with Anna Spadavecchia, Jochen Streb, and Shuxi Yin 2007 PDF

"Exploring the evolution of living standards in Ghana, 1880-2000: An anthropometric approach” with Gareth Austin and Alexander Moradi

2007 PDF
29 "Global height trends and its determinants, 1810-1984: an overview", with Jörg Baten and Matthias Blum 2006 PDF
28 "The Development and Inequality of Heights in North, West and East India, 1910-44", with Aravinda Meera Guntupalli 2006 PDF
27 "Technological and Geographical Knowledge Spill-overs in the German Empire 1877-1918", with Jochen Streb and Shuxi Yin 2006 PDF
26 "Numeracy, Inequality, Age Heaping, and Economic Growth: New Estimation Strategies for Western Europe and the U.S. (17th - 19th centuries)" 2006 PDF
25 "The Evolution of Human Capital in Africa, 1730 – 1970: A Colonial Legacy?" 2006 PDF
24 Climate and its Impact on the Biological Standard of Living in North-East, Centre-West, and South Europe during the last 2000 Years" History of Meteorology 2005 PDF
23 "Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa: New Data and New Insights from Antropometric Estimates, " with Alexander Moradi 2005 PDF
22 "The Biological Standard of Living in Europe During the Last Two Millennia" with Nikola Koepke, in European Review of Economic History 2005 PDF
21 "Making Profits in War-Time: Corporate Profits, Inequality, and GDP in Germany During WWI," with Rainer Schulz 2005 PDF
20 "Market Integration and Disintegration of Poland and Germany in the 18th Century" (with Jacek Wallusch), in Economies et Societes (2005, forthcoming) 2005 PDF
19 "Did Partial Globalization Increase Inequality? The Case of the Latin American Periphery, 1950-2000" (with Uwe Fraunholz), in CESifo Economic Studies 50-1 (2004), pp. 45-84. 2004 PDF
18 "Looking Backward and Looking Forward: Anthropometric Research and the Development of Social Science History", with John Komlos 2004 PDF
17 "Creating Firms for a new Century: Determinants of Firm Creation in Southern Germany around 1900", in European Review of Economic History 7-3 (2004), pp. 301-329 2004 PDF
16 "The Technical Component of Human Capital and its Determinants, in 51 Countries, 1880–1913" 2004 PDF
15 "Climate and its Impact on the Biological Standard of Living in North-East, Centre-West, and South Europe during the last 2000 Years" History of Meteorology 2004 PDF
14 "Patenting Abroad and Human Capital Formation," with Kirsten Labuske 2004 PDF
13 "Autarchy, Market Disintegration, and Health: The Mortality and Nutritional Crisis in Nazi Germany 1933-37", with Andrea Wagner 2003 PDF
12 "Economic Determinants of Witch Hunting", with Ulrich Woitek 2003 PDF
11 "Mangelernährung, Krankheit und Sterblichkeit im NS-Wirtschaftsaufschwung (1933-1937)" 2003 PDF
10 "Climate, Grain Production and Nutritional Status in 18th Century Southern Germany 2002

PDF Appendix

9 "Economic Development and the Distribution of Nutritional Resources in Bavaria, 1797-1839 2000 PDF
8 "Heights and real wages in the 18th and 19th centuries: an international Overview 2000 PDF Appendix
7 "Anthopometrics, Consumption, and Leisure: The Standard of Living", in Sheilagh Ogilvie/Richard Overy (eds.), Germany: A New Social and Economic History, vol. III: 1800-1989. London: Edward Arnold, 2000 (forthcoming). 2000 PDF
6 "Heights of Men and Women in Nineteenth Century Bavaria: Economic, Nutritional, and Disease Influences" 2000 PDF
5 "Ernährung und wirtschaftliche Entwicklung in Bayern", 1730-1880. Stuttgart (1999). [Nutrition and Economic Development in Bavaria, 1730-1880] 1999  
4 "Smallpox and Nutritional Status in England, 1770-1873: On the Difficulties of Estimating Historical Heights", with Markus Heintel, Economic History Review 51-2 (1998), pp. 360-371 1998 PDF
3 "The Biological Standard of Living in Comparative Perspective", with John Komlos (eds.). Stuttgart 1998 1998  
2 "Statistische Ansätze in der Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte: Diskussions- und Forschungsstand" in: Geschichte und Informatik 9 (1998), pp. 7-25. [Statistical Methods in Economic and Social History] 1998  
1 "A Most Difficult Case of Estimation: Argentinian Heights, 1770-1840", with Ricardo Salvatore, in John Komlos/Joerg Baten (eds.): The Biological Standard of Living in Comparative Perspective. Stuttgart 1998, pp. 90-96. Baten, Stegl and van der Eng: Appendix B 1998 PDF





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