Statistics, Econometrics and Quantitative Methods

S312 Bachelor Thesis in Empirical Economics (BSc)



Prof. Dr. Martin Biewen
Prof. Dr. Joachim Grammig
PD Dr. Thomas Dimpfl
Dr. Jantje Sönksen

Dalia Elshiaty

Johannes Bleher
Miriam Morlock

Profiles:   B.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration
B.Sc. in International Economics
B.Sc. in International Business Administration

Applied Econometrics (or similar)

Language:   English (German possible)
Time and Place:   See timeline below
Introductory Session:   Tue 16.10.2018, 17:00
Room 236, Neue Aula
Exam:   1) Presentation of draft (20 min)
2) Bachelor thesis (20 pages)
3) Presentation of bachelor thesis (20 min)
Credits:   12 ECTS


16.10.2018, 17:00

Preliminary meeting, registration Room 236, Neue Aula
until 02.11.2018 Discussion of the topic chosen with supervisor  
02.11.2018 Start of bachelor thesis  
04.12.2018, 8:15-11:45 Presentation of first draft and feedback

Room 225, Neue Aula

11.01.2019, 12:00


Deadline for submission of bachelor thesis

18.01.2019, 8:30 Presentation of final thesis

Room 236, Neue Aula

General information

Formal guidelines