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24th October 2023

Data Protection in the Smart Home

When people live in a smart home, they often cannot see where a camera is running, where a microphone might be recording something or where other data is being collected. The DAMA project aims to improve this situation and has developed a prototype that informs users about data collection and gives them back control over their data.


26th September 2023

Insights and Impact

In May, a symposium titled "Social Justice and Technological Futures" took place in the old town of Tübingen, bringing together a group of individuals from different corners of the globe. Participants shed light on the societal injustices embedded within technologies as well as solutions for just technological futures from an interdisciplinary perspective.


4th April 2023

Trust in AI Ethics

With the publication of the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI (2019), notions of trust and trustworthiness gained particular attention within AI ethics-debates: Despite an apparent consensus that AI should be trustworthy, it is less clear what trust and trustworthiness entail in the field of AI. Currently, AI Ethics tends to overload the notion of trustworthiness, turning it into a buzzword that cannot be operationalized.

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